National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College

IT Center

 The IT center helps to foster highly advanced engineers meeting the demands of Information Communication Technology. Students can use the two operating systems of MS-Windows and Linux by the PC. They use Email(Google Apps) and Website browsing by the Internet. They are available for the web-based application programs; WebClass/Blackborad capable of providing e-Learning for all the courses, Multimedia language learning system (PC@LL) and ATR CALL BRIX for TOEIC exercises. Further installed are highly specialized software packages such as SolidWorks.

 A high-speed local area network (LAN) runs throughout the campus connecting each school building with a broadband gigabit network on optical-fiber cables. The LAN makes a great contribution to communication and information exchange among professors, office staff and students. It is also wired with the Internet via the Science Information Network; SINET, which makes it possible to send useful information outside the campus.