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National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College provides the following education program titled "General Engineering" to produce engineers who are capable of being pioneers in engineering fields and building a hopeful future through   technologies. The program is applied for Advanced Engineering School students as   well as 4th and 5th year students in the college. It should be noted that the program   will be examined by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE)   for accreditation.


Title of education program

General Engineering


Field to be accredited

Engineering science (fusion and compound / new sphere)


Outline of the program

 In this program, the students learn specific expertise and practical skills relating to the production engineering in one of the disciplines: mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, electronics and control engineering, control and information engineering, material science and chemical engineering. The graduates have the ability to define problems, develop feasible solutions from diverse knowledge of other engineering fields as well as their own expertise, and implement an acceptable solution (i.e., design skill).


Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the program, described in "A" through "F", are designed so that the graduate will be an engineer with:

  1. a good knowledge of mathematics, science and information technology and recognition of the need for life-long learning to cope with increasingly developing technology.
  2. expertise in their engineering field.
  3. practical skills based on the expertise.
  4. a balanced problem - solving ability stemming from varied and integrated knowledge and skills.
  5. understanding of various cultures together with communication abilities in Japanese and foreign languages.
  6. good health and consideration of roles of technology in society and the environment derived from an insight into human history, culture and society.

Requirements for Completing the Program

  1. Completing graduation requirements for Advanced Engineering School.
  2. Being conferred a Bachelor' s degree in engineering from National Institution for Academic Degrees.
  3. Earning 124 or more credits from the Production Design Engineering Program.
  4. A total of at least 1, 800 hours of study, including at least 250 hours of study in the humanities, social sciences and languages, at least 250 hours of study in mathematics, science and information technology, and at least 900 hours of study in the specific discipline, are assured.  Additional study hours under directions of faculties are also included into the required number of hours.
  5. Having the above ability to achieve the educational objectives.