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The Advanced School of Creative Engineering provides an additional 2-year multi-disciplinary engineering education for graduates of colleges of technology (KOSEN) or junior colleges.  It aims at cultivating students to be creative engineers who are specialists of their engineering expertise and other related engineering fields with multiple engineering viewpoints and problem-solving skills.  For this educational goal, the students study technologies from the stages of materials/resources to final products with addition of recycling process for the sustainable /recycling-based society to foster the multiple engineers’ viewpoints.  The curriculum consists of thesis research, lab-work and exercise subjects, fundamental science subjects, liberal arts subjects, social science and foreign language as global/local study subjects, elective specialized subjects and subjects for three compulsory elective major fields.  These major engineering fields are designed based on demands for engineering and technology as well as regional needs of Kitakyushu district.

The details of three major fields are followings.

Field A: Environmental Resources and Materials Engineering Field

Subjects for production technology, especially environmental technology, utilizing resources, and materials development for the sustainable /recycling-based society.


Field B: Energy Application Engineering Field

Subjects for energy technology, especially application of energy, energy related device as well as energy production technology.


Field C: Functional Design and Information Engineering Field

Subjects for functional design engineering and information technology for producing and designing new values.