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In the Department of Creative Engineering, the 1st and 2nd year students study fundamental subjects for engineering. From the 3rd year, the students will choose one specific engineering course from five specialized ones as their expertise: Machine Systems Engineering Course, Robotics and Mechatronics Course, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course, Information and Systems Engineering Course and Materials Chemistry Course. This education system provides the students with opportunities to learn basis of knowledge and technology in wide engineering fields as well as to acquire advanced expertise about the engineering field in which they are interested. Moreover, they study various subjects in general education for five year; they can acquire a degree as an internationally-minded engineer.
 The Department of Creative Engineering aims to train students to be engineers who have an expertise in their specialized course, basic knowledge in other engineering field, a good education and a broad perspective.
Goals are to foster engineers with:
 (1)  Good knowledge in engineering fields and lifelong learning ability to cope with increasingly developing technology.
 (2)  Expertise in their areas of research.
 (3)  Will to contribute to development of the society and Kitakyushu mind.
 (4)  Good education and insight to understand diverse values.
 (5)  Ability to act as a leader in a field with different talents.