Materials Chemistry Course

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The field of chemical engineering has recently extended into new areas of technology which cover much widely in the human life.

The chemical engineers now concern not only with the operation and the research & development of chemical processes, but also with solving such problems to establish the comfortable human society, as the pollution of environment, energy and resources,the development of new materials, artificial organs, and biotechnology, and so on.

In the fourth and fifth years the students can take separately the courses in Applied Chemistry and Biology. The educational program of the Department composed of these courses is intended for the students to develop knowledge and insight in whatever specialized area they may enter through. The curriculum is composed of tutorial instruction and experimental works through the chemistry and the chemical engineering, including fundamental subjects, such as Mathematics in Chemistry or Applied Phisics, etc.,which concern with all the field of engineering, and also including some common elective subjects which concern with Biotechnology, Materials Science and System Engineering. The special curriculums of the courses are composed of the required subjects which concern with the Applied Chemistry and Biology.

Graduation Research in the fifth year is regarded as the most important subject to give the students extensive competence and understandings through both the curriculums.

                   (Cultivation of human cells)                      (Surface Analysis by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy)