Robotics and Mechatronics Course

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Recently, several robots are developed due to the rapid growth of technology, and opportunity when robots are operated in our community is increased. In addition, robotization is advanced in developments of home appliances and cars, therefore increasing demands of engineers who have skills for development of robots are secure. Robot engineers are required to have an extensive knowledge such as robotics, mechatronics, electronics, information technology, etc. and ability which is able to develop understanding the whole system architecture. An educational goal of robotics and mechatronics course is nurture of engineers who acquire an extensive knowledge for development of robot and can development robots by herself and himself. Students of robotics and mechatronics course particularly study embedded engineering using a microcomputer, mechanical design using 3D CAD, programing, dynamics such as hydrodynamics, material mechanics etc., control engineering, design and creating technics of robots and so on.

The undergraduate program is focused on fundamental subjects which are carefully selected and various kinds of practice and experimentare also provided for efficient study. In the last grade, graduation research is the most important subject, consequently, enough time for active study and discussion about the graduation research is provided. We expect students to develop their own ability to solve problems by themselves in this program.

                           (Social Robot)                                    (Intelligent CIM System for Production Engineering Education