National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College

Department of Materials Science & Chemical Engineering

 The field of materials science and chemical engineering has recently expanded greatly covering a wide range of our life.

The chemical engineers are now concerned not only with operation, research and development in chemical industries, but also with contributions to establish comfortable and sustainable society by solving such problems as the environment, energy, resources or new materials, artificial organs, and biotechnology.

  In the fourth and fifth grades, students take one of the two courses, Applied Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering.

The educational programs in these courses are intended for all students to develop knowledge and insight in any specialized area. The curriculum is composed of tutorial instruction and experimental works in the chemistry and the chemical engineering, including fundamental subjects such as computer processing, chemical design and drafting, just a few examples, concerned with all fields of engineering.  Some common selective subjects are also included such as biotechnology, materials science and system engineering. The special curriculum of each course is composed of the required subjects concerning the applied chemical engineering and the biochemical engineering.

  The graduation research in the fifth grade is regarded as the most important subject for students to make experimental studies in various new fields based on all knowledge and experiences learned through the courses.

(Hollow Fiber Bioreactor) (Scanning Electron Microscope)