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Department of Control & Information Systems Engineering

Many kinds of industrial devices and facilities are controlled by computer system in modern factories. Furthermore, the computational technology has been applied to many other fields of engineering to reduce manufacturing costs or to improve the productivity and the quality of products. The bases of control method with computers are classified into the understanding of the controlled object, the computational technology and interface technology between real world and a computer system. In order to prepare the graduated students to take their places in this profession, the Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering has developed an undergraduate program that is based on mechanical engineering, control engineering and applied informatics, whose principles and practical techniques the Students are required to learn.

  The undergraduate program is focused on fundamental subjects which are carefully selected and various kinds of practice and experiment are also provided for efficient study. In the last grade, graduation research is the most important subject, consequently, enough time for active study and discussion about the graduation research is provided. We expect students to develop their own ability to solve problems by themselves in this program.

(Applied System Engineering Laboration)

(Inteligent CIM System Production Engineering
 Education Program)