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  The research center was launched in October,2000 to forward the R & D for supporting the promotion of the regional industries and the development of new products. The center aims to contribute the expansion and the activation of the regional industries through the practical research based on the educational principle of National College of Technology that offers a highly skilled engineering.

      1. Details of projects

        (l) Promotion of joint researches and entrusted research with the area industries.

        (2) Engineering consultation.

        (3) Reeducation and training to the engineers.

        (4) Holding meetings and seminars on science and technology.

      2. Distinctive features                             

   This center has been established to promote the joint research with the area industries. The following three research sections promote the R & D on the computing equipment, IC related equipment-and high performance materials in the new field.
    The center has the consulting section to contract the joint research and connect closely among the research sections. 

  Administrative Section   High Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
  C00perative Research Section System Technology Laboratory
Cooperative Technology Center Refreshing Education Section   Material Development & Environment
  Promotion Section for Prospective Technical Education  
  Consulting Section for Engineering & Development