Philosophy of Education

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  • Mastery of wide knowledge of engineering basics and of skills to develop creative technology
  • Acquisition of fine characters to earn trust and respect in the international community
  • Cultivation of moral responsibility to develop earth-friendly technology

Goals are to fostor engineers with:

  • Good knowledge (of mathematics, natural science and information technology) and lifelong learning ability to cope with increasingly developing technology.
  • Expertise in their areas of research.
  • Practical skills based on the expertise.
  • Balanced problem-solving ability stemming from varied and integrated knowledge and skills.
  • Understanding of various cultures together with communication ability in Japanese and foreign languages.
  • Good health and insights into technology and the environment based on history, culture and society.

Characteristics of Technical Collage

   The purpose of our educational program is to improve students' basic knowledge and skills in technical fields so that they can respond flexibly and creatively to the exciting developments  in science and technology.

   Learning through experiences is highly-valued, and students are given ample opportunities  to carry out experiments and to apply the concepts studied in the classroom.  

   Students are awarded an associate-level degree upon graduation at the fifth grade.

   Many students choose to enter the advanced course at NITKIT or to transfer to other universities to continue studies in their fields of specialty.